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Permaculture Design Certification Course

Course Location: Sowing Solutions Community Permaculture Center

 at the Mill in Shelburne Falls, Western Massachusetts

✨Weekend Series Dates for Late Summer 2020✨

Aug 21-23, Sept 11-13, and Oct 2-5

Join us for an inspirational and informative program over a total of three weekends with Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design & Education in Western MA!

This course is offered as a hybrid of safely distanced, in-person days at The Mill combined with dynamic, interactive online days from home.

Contact to request the detailed info packet, daily schedule, recent adaptations and protocols for health and safety, and to register!

This one-of-a-kind Permaculture Design Course (PDC), is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on ecological design experience while studying with leading permaculture designers from the northeast. You will learn how to:

  • Design for Abundance    
  • Sow Seeds for the Future
  • Practice Land Stewardship Skills
  • Create Resilience in Your Communities 

This Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design Certification Course in Western Massachusetts is celebrating over a decade of Permaculture Education. This course provides an opportunity for you to gain direct permaculture design experience.  Participants conduct a guided design practice alongside leading permaculturists from the northeast. We study numerous well-established permaculture demonstration sites to study thriving ecosystems, water harvesting, community structures, natural buildings, energy efficiency, and more.

Gaining your internationally-recognized certification with Sowing Solutions is an experience of empowerment, support, inspiration and skill building. All techniques, skills, and resources that you learn and gather in this course can be directly applied at your home.

This course is offered as a weekend course format over a total of three weekends, you can attend either the early summer or late summer series. Learn all about this permaculture design course and register today!

The Permaculture Design Certification Course is offered twice a year with Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design & Education in Western MA, USA.  We meet for three weekends in total to complete your PDC. Choose either weekend series course:  Summer (May-June or June-August)  ~OR~  Fall (Sep-Nov)

Study Western MA Permaculture Demonstration Sites During Our Course  

Studying permaculture while learning from permaculture homes, homesteads, a world-renowned ecovillage, and local farm sites offers you a chance to witness existing and proven permaculture strategies and techniques. You’ll learn first hand about: four-season greenhouses, naturally built homes, forest gardens, annual & perennial raised bed vegetable gardens, community decision making, conflict resolution practices, food storage, renewable energy systems, soil improvement, compost strategies, waste recycling, and more! Our permaculture course offers you an opportunity to observe & evaluate numerous well-established permaculture systems, and learn from them.

Course Topics Covered in our Permaculture Design Course

  • Mapmaking 
  • Site Analysis of:
    • Sunlight
    • Water
    • Access
    • Soil
    • Microclimate
    • Experience of Place
    • And more
  • Ecological Design Process
  • Permaculture Ethics and Principles
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Soil Improvement Techniques and Strategies
  • Deep Ecology
  • Agroforestry Systems
  • Forest Gardening with:
    • Perennial Foods
    • Medicines
    • Fuel
    • Habitat
    • And more
  • Medicine Making
  • Fungi Inoculation
  • EcoVillage and Community Life
  • Seeding and Greenhouse Tasks
  • Natural Building
  • Carbon Farming
  • New Garden Creation
  • Practical Skills for Permaculture in Your Home
  • Fermentation and Food Preservation
  • Nature Connection
  • And Much More!

The Certification:

Permaculture Design Course Certificate signifies that one has completed a 72 hour design course, a study of the ethics, principles, and design practice of Permaculture. It means the holder of the certificate holds applied permaculture experience and a profound toolbox of permaculture techniques, strategies, solutions, resources, and skills.

Our Course Location:

We are thrilled to be offering our course at the local and inspiring Sowing Solutions Permaculture Community Hub in downtown Shelburne Falls — our new classroom and meeting space at the Mill! It’s the home of Sowing Solutions Design & Education, and will be the design studio where students conduct their work for clients during the guided permaculture design process. Shelburne Falls is famous for the Bridge of Flowers and is home to many avid gardeners, artists, farmers, and craftspeople. There are a number of community and residential sites where our Permaculture Design Course students will have an opportunity to design and install permaculture projects!

This permaculture design course is eligible for 3 college credits with UMASS Amherst for anyone enrolled in the 5 College Consortium. Learn more about our curriculum now.  

Our permaculture design course is led by a stellar team of professional designers and educators from Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design, Regenerative Design Group, and Broadfork Permaculture. Discover more on the experience and expertise of our team of instructors now. 

​Learn more on tuition details, fundraising support, and to register

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We Also Offer Garden Design & Site Planning Services:

Bring your visions for a sustainable, abundant, beautiful, healthy, ecological, low-maintenance landscape into reality! We design, install, and maintain a landscape to suit your lifestyle, and to enhance the unique natural settings around your home. We specialize in edible landscapes, ornamentals, shade gardens, forest gardens, while working with a whole systems design approach. Contact us today to schedule an initial site visit.  

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Big News!
We are offering a series of LOCAL SUNDAY EVENING CLASSES
at our NEW Community Permaculture Design Studio and Community Hub in downtown Shelburne Falls, MA :

Recent Events

 Movie Night!!    ‘Inhabit, A Permaculture Perspective’
​This film was made by Emmett Brennan, one of our Permaculture Design Course Graduates, and it is the best contemporary film about the permaculture movement!

Introduction to Plant Spirit Medicine and Healing Meditation  Join us for an afternoon with Clare Pearson, healer, herbalist, farmer, to share about her training and abilities to work and heal with plant spirits.

 Five Elements & Healing Plants with Herbalist Tom Matherly of Fox Tracks Healing

Future Topics will include:

Upcoming Events

~$10 Donation Requested~ You are invited!  Please reserve your space by RSVP’ing to

Rainwater Harvesting, Plant Spirit  Medicine, Forest Gardening with Perennial Foods and Medicines, Mushroom Cultivation, Native Pollinator Plants, etc…

~ Email us at to request the updated schedule of events ~

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