What is Permaculture?

Permaculture practices offer thoughtful, ecological design solutions for the benefit of land and people.  Permaculture design integrates the guidance learned in nature for a lifestyle of sustainability and abundance.  

Permaculture is a practice for meeting human needs while benefiting the health of the greater ecosystem.  Our design work is ecologically based on our observation of the natural world. As we establish living systems that meet our needs for food, health, fuel, shelter, energy, fun and community, we strive to improve and regenerate the health of our ecosystems. Not only do we establish, maintain and sustain natural systems- here we aim to improve them.

Permaculture is a conscious, ethical, ecological, holistic design system.

Permaculture is design for cultural restoration and ecological regeneration that starts in our backyard, front yard, and side yard.

In simplicity, as permaculture designers we recognize and plan for mutually beneficial relationship with the natural world.  As the earth supports us (people care) we support the earth (earth care).

We plan for cultural shifts in the face of climate change, diminished fossil fuel supply, and economic turns- in our communities across the globe, in our local bioregions, and at home. We employ techniques and strategies for a renewal of earth systems, a work that is deeply connected to renewal of our culture, and renewal of our sense of place.

Permaculture Designers are internationally certified and recognized.




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