Ecological Garden Design Services

Permaculture Design, Installation, Training, Maintenance:

“Turning vision and dreams into reality”

Bring your dreams for a sustainable, abundant, beautiful, ecological,  low-maintenance landscape into fruition!

An ecological garden is one that is designed to benefit both humans and the surrounding, interwoven, natural world.  We aim to enhance nature’s ways, with our strategy to ‘work with nature’.  We choose techniques that rebuild soil and nutrients, rather than disrupt soil communities, and we carefully select diverse plant communities to be self-reliant, self-maintaining, and self renewing.  The ultimate goal is to establish a garden in harmony with nature’s patterns, resulting in a beautiful and abundant landscape that yields many harvests and requires less maintenance.

We Offer:

  • Establishment & Maintenance of: Ornamental, Culinary, Medicinal, Herb, Fruit, Berry, & Vegetable Gardens
  • Efficient & Beautiful Garden Designs
  • Edible Landscaping, Specializing in Edible Forest Gardens
  • Organic and Regenerative Soil Amendments and Soil Building Practices
  • New Garden Creation or Current Garden Revitalization
  • Establishment & Introduction to Perennial Vegetables (Some vegetables are perennial plants, requiring less maintenance than annual veggies)
  • Creation of Garden Walls, Fences, Labyrinths, Outdoor Rooms,  Social or Contemplative Outdoor Spaces
  • Shade Gardens
  • Rain Gardens

About the Ecological Design Process:    

We will incorporate permaculture design principles, techniques and strategies throughout the following integrated and thoughtful design process:

Step 1. Interview & Initial Site Visit/Permaculture Consultation

This initial visit and walk through your existing landscape results in a comprehensive site visit summary report.  This report is complete with suggested resources, references and recommendations that are uniquely tailored to your site; it includes all of my initial observations of your landscape and reflections about your goals and vision for the land; it includes an introductory permaculture assessment of your site in terms of existing vegetation conditions, energy and materials flow, efficiency of the site, soil type, water systems, etc.; it includes directions for the next steps towards a permaculture design.

Step 2.  Mapping of Current Landscape, Site Analysis & Assessment

Following a site visit you may choose to have a site map drawn for your property.  This map, drawn to scale,  will provide a basemap for the design work that follows.  Site analysis & assessment work involves reading the landscape: noting solar angles and garden or solar energy generation potential; current plant species identification; thorough observations of microclimates; soil samples; areas of intensive use; and noted considerations and possibilities for your landscape.
Step 3.   Design Generation 
A complete permaculture design is then created to integrate client’s visions, needs & interests with unique & ecological qualities and capabilities of your site.  A design will include the recommended appropriate species for new garden establishment (exact locations, spacing & quantities, planting plan/times, maintenance instructions), soil building and maintenance instructions, and efficient, integrated placement of the elements in your landscape.
Step 4.   Installation, Harvest, & Enjoyment!


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      I am sorry to say that I only now saw your note on our website.. It is so nice to hear from you… Did you write this a long time ago? Or recently? I would have written back right away if I had seen this before.
      I would be happy to talk with you to hear more about your interests in an ecological garden!
      I can be reached at :

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